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Keeping your pets on the path to wellness

Welcome to Alpha Dog Walking NY !

ALPHA Dog Walking promises treat all pets like a part our own pack to give our clients the best possible animal care available. And as part of our pack, we'll work to bring out the ALPHA in your pets. Our focus is your pets mental, physical, social and emotional health. And that means much much more than just walks and treats to us. Whether it be last-minute walks or unusual schedules, we have you covered. With daily updates, playtime, grooming and individualized care, our services make sure that all of our members are at their best. 


Alpha Dog Services

Dog Walking

Need a occasional or daily dog walker? Alpha Dog has dog handlers always ready to give your dog a walk, playtime & plenty of love while you're away !

Pet Boarding

Going away? Ask us about our boarding! Available both in home and pet-vacation we can host a variety of pets, or always drop-by and care for your pet !

Cat Sitting

Alpha cat sitting services include litter shifting, daily brushings & plenty of playtime! If your feline is a bit shy we can always drop by and care for your home and cat.

Avian Care

Alpha Dog handlers have professional experience working with and handling large and small birds, with many having breed and raised a variety of birds. You can always rely on Alpha Dog to provide your bird with the social stimulation and clean environment and living space while your away !

Reptile Care

As with all pet owners, those with reptiles want the best care for their pets. No matter how rare, strange, unique or curious look no further than Alpha Dog. Our pet experts are well-versed in many unique reptiles needs with many owning reptiles themselves !

Fish & Other Pets Too!

Our experts at Alpha Dog can care for your aquatic critters while your away, as well as perform routine maintenance and upgrades. Our experts also have plenty of experience handling a variety of animals, from insects to small mammals rest assured with Alpha Dog !

Why Alpha Dog NY?

We treat all our Alpha Dogs with the same compassion we have for our own family! Our pet services offer a handlers full of fun, safety and love. Our walkers are punctually, dependable, and above all, honest. Most of our staff have or plan to continue learning and working within the animal field and are always learning. With Alpha Dog Walking your pet will be in safe hands and feel comfortable while having a good time !

Benefits of Hiring Pros !

-Allows pets to feel safe in the comfort of a familiar environment, their own home and is surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells 

-Pets can continue to maintain their regular diet and receive the appropriate exercise

-Avoid the feeling of imposing on your friends, families and neighbors and enjoy time away from home, guilt free. 

-Pet sitter can also serve as a house sitter and also handle groomer and vet visits while your away.

-Many of our handlers own & breed exotic animals as well as having years of experience working in the pet industry

- Our dog walking/pet sitting services offers your pet a habitat of fun and love; Every pet that we care for becomes part of the Alpha Dog Pack 


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